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Crystals 101 | Beginner's Guide

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Hello my sunflowers!

Welcome to the first official blog post of Haus of Zen!

With the launch of Haus of Zen I figured this would be the perfect first post on here!

Today’s lesson is Crystals 101 & class is now in session ;)



I remember buying my first crystal back in like 2009 or so.

I purchased an Amethyst crystal necklace from a gift shop in the mall.

Had no idea that it was anything, I thought it was cute so I bought it lol!

Fast forward to 2018 when I was well into my spiritual journey.

I began to see these beautiful gems pop up absolutely everywhere, Instagram, Youtube, blogs.

As I got further into my practice I began to learn about crystals & stones & the healing properties that they possess.

I was super intrigued & visited my first crystal shop.

Upon entering I immediately felt a sense of c a l m wash over me & I’m like sh*t I need to come here everyday! Lol!

I had previously done some research on specific stones that I had wanted but I quickly found that different crystals were actually pulling me towards them.

It sounds weird af but its true when they say that crystals pick you, you don’t pick them.

I left there on cloud 9 with such a sense of inner peace.

I left there with every single thing that my s o u l needed at that time!

Every crystal I purchased that day resonated with me so so deeply.

Fast forward again to a year later I opened my own business surrounding crystals, ahhhh!

Isn't it crazy how the universe aligns everything that is meant for you right before your eyes?!

Now I don’t even leave my house without them!

I legit feel naked without them, lol!

I keep them in my bra, in my car, my purse, next to my bed, windows, tables, bathroom. kitchen, in my classroom, everywhere everywhere, absolutely everywhere!



Let's start with the basics, shall we!

Crystals are a gift from higher power, created by higher power, that are accessible to humans to use to better our lives!

Crystals are natural or they can also be man-made.

They all carry its own energy, vibration just like everything else on earth does, humans, animals, plants, etc.

The energy of crystals connects with us when we wear them or have them in our environment.

They amplify & magnify our innate vibration & energy.

Crystals connect us to Earth & are here to help transform our lives!

Mankind has built our civilizations using minerals & rocks from the earth that still stand today.

The use of crystals for metaphysical purposes goes back to ancient times as well. Ancient healers, magicians, & shamans have set the foundation for healing, transformation, & spiritual healing with the use of crystals!

Royals used crystals in their crowns, jewelry, thrones, swords.

Ancient Egyptians used crystals for health & protection & were even buried with the,.

Ancient Greeks used crushed Hematite all over their bodies before going into battle for protection.

Romans used crystals for medical purposes.

Although crystals & metaphysical teachings have grown to be super popular in this “new age”, this all again goes back to ancient times.

Today Quartz makes up 12% of Earth’s crust. It is included in almost every type of technology, such as phones & calculators, & lasers used for surgeries.



With every thought & intention crystals pick up on our vibrational energy & amplify the positive vibrations that are within us.

The entire universe is filled with energy, we are all a source of energy!

Crystal energy helps us through any situation in any walk of life, it works to hold our intention in it & be a constant reminder of our connection to our planet.

They can help us balance & connect our physical, mental, spiritual, & emotional parts of our being.

They can help us alleviate pain whether it be physical pain or internal pain.

They can help us heal.

They can help us make desired shifts in any & all aspects of life.

They reconnect us with ourselves, reconnect us with the world around us.

They can help us manifest e v e r y single wish & desire that we have within us.

Hold crystals in your hand while meditating.

Carry them with you for extra support during times of need.

Lay them on your body to heal a physical ailment.



There are many different types of crystals & they come in many forms.

Rough, tumbled, points, clusters, spheres, wands, palm stones, geodes, polished, towers, the list goes on & on!

The size & shape have NO direct impact on how powerful a crystal is or the amount of work it can help you do.

The healing properties of a specific crystal will remain the same across the board no matter the shape or size but the experience you have with them may differ.

It all depends on how Y O U program & work with them.

I have a small Carnelian tumbled stone that is about the size of a nickel & it connected with me more than the piece that was nearly 5x its size.

There’s legit a crystal/stone/mineral that will help you in anything that you need assistance with.

Rose Quartz for love & activating the heart chakra,

Tourmaline for transmuting negative energy into light.

Got a problem? There’s a crystal out there to help you solve it whether it be physical, mental, emotional!

There is a crystal out there for you!



When choosing a crystal my best advice to a beginner would be to go in with the intention of finding something that will resonate with you, that will assist you with whatever is going in your life.

Explore the areas in your life that you feel the need to work on,

Boosting your self-esteem, communicating your words better.

Explore the parts of you that need healing.

Trauma, grief, or a broken heart.

Explore what it is that you want out of life.

More abundance, a new love, better health, a new career.

Explore what you need to let go of.

Guilt, pain, anger, doubt, fear.

Having a clear set intention will help attract the perfect crystal for you.

Your intuition mixed with the crystal’s energy will legit lead you to it.

Be patient, take your time with the process.

When a crystal is for you it will jump out at you. You will energetically feel connected to it!

Open yourself up & let it choose you..

E n e r g e t i c a l l y open yourself up & the right crystal will find its way to you.

In all of my crystal buying experiences I have went specifically knowing what I wanted & left with exactly what I needed because I was energetically open & set intentions!


Cleansing/Charging Crystals

As soon as you get home the first thing you must do is cleanse your new babies!

You don’t know what energy could be harvesting in the crystal before you’ve bought it.

Many people handle crystals before they have gotten to you.

So cleansing is a must.

There are many ways to cleanse your crystal, you can use place them in salt, run them under cool water, bathe them in the moonlight, bury them in the earth, let the sunshine soak into them.

Z Tip*

Research the type of crystal you buy before cleansing.

Some crystals will disintegrate in salt or water such as Angelite & Labradorite.

Other crystals cannot withhold sunlight, such as Amethyst & Rose Quartz.

My personal favorite way of cleansing is using the magical smoke of sage!

There are certain crystals that do not need to be cleansed/charged, such as Selenite & Citrine because they do not withhold negative energy.

Z Tip*

Selenite amplifies the vibrational energy of the crystals surrounding it while cleansing them at the same time!

Selenite is an absolute must & should be a staple in anyone's crystal collection!

Crystals/stones need to be charged/energized regularly to rid them of negative energy & to ensure they continue to be effective for you, especially when heavy work is being done with them.

You can charge them using sage smoke or palo santo smoke.

You can set them under the full moon light, one of my favorite ways to recharge!

You can place your crystals near Selenite for charging.

You can surround them with plants.



After cleansing its time to set to program those bad boys.

& by program I mean to set your intention into your crystals.

Close your eyes & breathe deeply.

Think of what makes you happy, what fills you up.

This will bring you to your highest vibration.

Once in that space with your crystal(s) in hand, ask that all the previous unwanted energy be cleared from your stone.

Then set your intention into the stone.

Set the intention for whatever it is you need it for.

For more self-love, to attract money, to heal trauma, etc.

Say it clearly, say it powerfully, say it with your whole heart, with every fiber of your being!

Repeat it as many times as you'd like, repeat it until you feel the intention ingrained in it!

Now they are ready to use ;)


Something extremely important to remember is that crystals won’t work unless you do!

Crystals act as a reminder, it's a physical tangible reminder of your intentions, your goals, your dreams!

They are magical yes, yes they can do amazing things for you, but you cannot expect them to work for you if you’re not putting your fair share in!

Crystals in combination with the work you put in will cause major positive transformations & shifts in your life!

I CAN attest to the amazing, magical, beautiful things crystals have done for me & for my life!

Crystals have helped me see through some pretty dark times.

They have helped me manifest my wildest dreams, such as starting Haus of Zen, helped me communicate better, helped me step more into my spiritually, helped uncover the real Z!

I am just so extremely excited to share all of this with you.

I am so grateful to be able to spread this knowledge & hopefully inspire you to purchase a crystal or two ;)

I am here for any questions you may have!

I love you all!

Love & light,

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Mar 27, 2019

Thank you beautiful!🌻


Elizabeth Perez
Mar 27, 2019

Great read!!

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