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Crystals 101 | Beginner's Guide

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Hello my sunflowers!

Welcome to the first official blog post of Haus of Zen!

With the launch of Haus of Zen I figured this would be the perfect first post on here!

Today’s lesson is Crystals 101 & class is now in session ;)



I remember buying my first crystal back in like 2009 or so.

I purchased an Amethyst crystal necklace from a gift shop in the mall.

Had no idea that it was anything, I thought it was cute so I bought it lol!

Fast forward to 2018 when I was well into my spiritual journey.

I began to see these beautiful gems pop up absolutely everywhere, Instagram, Youtube, blogs.

As I got further into my practice I began to learn about crystals & stones & the healing properties that they possess.

I was super intrigued & visited my first crystal shop.

Upon entering I immediately felt a sense of c a l m wash over me & I’m like sh*t I need to come here everyday! Lol!

I had previously done some research on specific stones that I had wanted but I quickly found that different crystals were actually pulling me towards them.

It sounds weird af but its true when they say that crystals pick you, you don’t pick them.

I left there on cloud 9 with such a sense of inner peace.

I left there with every single thing that my s o u l needed at that time!

Every crystal I purchased that day resonated with me so so deeply.

Fast forward again to a year later I opened my own business surrounding crystals, ahhhh!

Isn't it crazy how the universe aligns everything that is meant for you right before your eyes?!

Now I don’t even leave my house without them!

I legit feel naked without them, lol!

I keep them in my bra, in my car, my purse, next to my bed, windows, tables, bathroom. kitchen, in my classroom, everywhere everywhere, absolutely everywhere!



Let's start with the basics, shall we!